About Blu Jam Photography

In case anyone was wondering how we came up with the name, we just decided to take some of our favourite things, Mia’s favourite colour, my favourite word, and our favourite thing to do. Mix them all together and presto, Blujam photography was born! A career and a name all in one.

A little bit of history…lets just say Mia and I worked together at a studio in Johannesburg and one day we realised that by working for ourselves we could bring you quality photos without robbing you blind in the process which seemed like a much better plan for everyone. You can thank us later…we accept Mastercard and Visa. Hey, we said we wouldn’t rob you blind, we didn’t say it was going to be mahala.

Why choose Blujam Photography over all the other millions of photographers? Well, surely by now you have realised we’re cooler. That should be all the reason you need, but just in case you're still unsure, check out the gallery and give us a call when you have realised the error of your ways…

Our Work

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